The Beginning

Hatred, intolerance, fear, insecurity; All of these things can create a devastating situation. Countries will protect themselves at all costs against phantom invaders, citizens will accuse one another of crimes they didn’t commit, families will bicker endlessly about things that never were said, and in times like this only one thing remains a certainty: Someone innocent always gets hurt.

The World as you know it today fell apart at the seams. A war of words became a war of blood, and as quickly as it started, it ended. Whether the actions of your forefathers were justified isn’t a subject of this text. The only subject here is the end of your world as it once was. Humanity, like most creatures of this world can endure much before succumbing to their bitter end. It was their own endurance, their own will to survive that would draw the attention of something dark, something evil, something that had hidden from them for centuries in the cold, dark recesses of the world.

Shining in the Dark