My Background - Laborer

     Nathaniel Howe, was born in Radnor, England. His parents were Protestant farmers who lived a quiet and simple life in the countryside. He was an only child and learned at a young age to work, and work hard. His parents never really believed that a higher education was important, but Nathaniel made the extra effort to learn his letters and numbers from the local clergy when he had any free time. His youth was uneventful, but he learned strong morals from his parents and understood that a man has one thing in life, his word.


     The farmstead was always a busy place. If Nathan’s father or mother weren’t out feeding livestock or tending to crops something must’ve been wrong. Nathan’s lot was one of hard work. He would drag hay bales, milk the cows, feed the chickens, or really anything else a young boy could do around a farm. The family kept a dog named Polk, who was a mix between an oversized terrier and a hunting hound. They mostly used him for a handling foxes or any other kind of predator that would tear about during the night. Sadly, Polk didn’t live too long into Nathan’s childhood. His parents had already had him for awhile when Nathan was born, but he was a nice dog while he was around.

     Nathan’s father taught him a great many things about farming, but being that he wasn’t a farmer for that long most of it was only what he had recently learned or was still learning. His father was originally a carpenter by trade, but the long days away from home wasn’t really conducive with starting a family. Although, he still did build pieces of furniature from time to time it wasn’t really his trade anymore. Nathan took more of a shine to working with wood than he did working on the farm.

     Nathan’s mother on the other hand was an excellent artisan. Her father was a silversmith, and she took to creating trinkets and baubles like a fish to water. Eventhough she lived on a farm she was always making small things to be sold in town. Nathan was always helping her with her trinkets, either gathering up her materials or learning how to string necklaces or bend small metal bands into rings. Nathan’s father was never really keen on the idea of his son not working on the farm, but Nathan seemed to be just as talented as his mother when it came to making baubles. The two agreed to do their best to make sure he learned what he needed to forge a life for himself when he became a man.

My Background - Laborer

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